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CDI/ECU Repair

What do we do? - CDI / ECU Repair

CDI/ECU test and repair

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  • Within 3 days
  • Fixed prices
  • Cause of defect
  • 1 year warranty

Carmo electronics is able to repair a defective ignition and injection system very accurate and reliable.
You only have to send your ignition/injection system to our company.
Carmo electronics has developed a very unique simulation protocol to generate every possible kind of signal your motorcycle may generate.
Repair is executed with high-grade parts and guarantees maximum reliability.
Repaired units are finished with a very strong and durable coating that protects electronic parts for the influence of extreme weather circumstances.

The main benefit of repairing a unit in contrast with buying a more expensive new one, is the indication of the possible cause of defect.
Even if the malfunction is not in the ignition/injection unit, but elsewhere in the electronic system. This information is supplied totally free of charge together with the repaired ignition unit.

Example repair videos (YouTube)

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