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Replacement Systems

Replacement Systems

It is not always possible to repair an ignition unit. For example, irreparable damage on a printed circuit board due to burned out electronic parts. Also potted ignition units with a hard material are not repairable.

In those cases Carmo electronics can offer a digital replacement ignition. This ignition system has been developed by Carmo electronics. Sophisticated software together with high-grade SMD technology makes it state-of-the-art electronics with minimum dimensions and can be used on almost every motorcycle.

The highest demands on reliability and accuracy will supply optimal performance and withstand severe vibrations and heavy loads.

3 Year Guarantee

What's improved/better compared to the original unit?:
- The unit is protected against overvoltage (defect voltage regulator/rectifier, bad battery, ...).
- The unit is protected against a defect ignition coil and reverse battery connection.
- The unit has an acceleration correction, when the bike revs up the ignition delay will be a bit more (in proportion). Smoother acceleration.
- The unit uses digital technique, so it is more accurate and temperature changes have no influence, the curve is also optimized for more power.
- When the battery voltage changes the unit will change the control to the ignition coil so the spark power will stay the same.
- Start mode, during engine start the unit will give more current to the ignition coil for a faster start.

Check if we can deliver a replacer for your bike!

Kawasaki replacer GPZ, new unit
Example of the PCB replacement from a Kawasaki GPZ/GPX/LTD unit

Carmo electronics also delivers 'plug and play' units. Its not necessary to send your old unit
-- Cagiva Ducati 400 750 900 SS ignition unit (BB1105, BB1132)
-- Moto Guzzi models with a Motoplat unit such as; V50 Nato, V65 Florida, California 3 and other models

BB1105 BB1132 Moto Gu]zi Motoplat LTZ50 LTZ90
replacer Triumph GILL ignition